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Community Health Workers (CHWs) are community members who are trained in asthma that partner with families to help them better understand their child’s asthma. They serve as a link between the families and the patients’ doctor. Through the Pediatric Asthma CHW Program, CHWs focus on outreach to families of children with high-risk asthma.

The Pediatric Asthma CHW Program is a 6 month program.  CHWs work with families to help them understand asthma and how to manage it so that child feels better. This includes:

Home Visits and Phone Calls

  • Check in with families by phone on a regular basis
  • Visit with child and family 3 to 4 times
  • Provide progress reports to families and the child’s doctor


  • Provide education on asthma, medications, and devices
  • Show how to correctly use an inhaler
  • Review Asthma Action Plan
  • Check plans for managing asthma in school or day care.

Home Environmental Assessment

  • Help with knowing asthma signs and symptoms
  • Offer home environmental assessments to support families in identifying common triggers or barriers in the home
  • Provide supplies and education to manage asthma triggers


  • Help connect to community resources based on your families’ needs
  • Share information about Green Cleaning

CHWs are deployed to SSPAC partner sites to enroll patients into the CHW Asthma Program. In order to participate, you must live in a zip code covered by the program and have your doctor complete an assessment to determine if you are eligible.

For more information about eligibility requirements and enrolling in the Pediatric Asthma CHW Program call 773-702-5668.


Community Health Worker Brochure (English)

Community Health Worker Brochure (Spanish)

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