Asthma Resource Line

(833) 3ASTHMA

If you have questions about asthma or asthma resources, call
(833) 3ASTHMA (833-327-8462).

The asthma resource line is a free number. Anyone with questions about asthma or asthma resources may call. The resource line gives information and helps explain:

  • Asthma and the asthma action plan.
  • Education materials.
  • Asthma resources including medical centers and community and national services for asthma.

The asthma resource line can also connect the caller to their primary care provider (PCP) or help them understand how to find a PCP.

South Side Pediatric Asthma Center (SSPAC)
5841 South Maryland Ave.
MC 1075
Chicago, IL 60637

(833) 3ASTHMA (833-327-8462)